Why You Should Consider the Ace Revenue Affiliate Program

There's no denying that online gambling is one of the fastest-growing industries in the world today, and we want to make sure that everyone has an opportunity to profit from that. As such, the Planet7 Casino affiliate program seeks to reward people for their online marketing efforts by providing them with a handsome commission for each and every depositor they refer to our site. We understand that our success is derived solely from our affiliates, and that's why we've taken the time to develop an approach that is guaranteed to help you make money over time.

We operate under the Ace Revenue affiliate program, and we've chosen this group because of their dedication to the clients and their overall support. While some groups will simply recruit their clients and expect them to fend for themselves, that is never the case here. Dedicated managers are always on hand to answer questions, address concerns, and take suggestions for bringing in new business. If you want links, banners or logos for your website, we have a huge selection from which to choose and we'll even take special requests if it helps you meet your goals. The Ace Revenue affiliate program has a mission to dedicate its time directly to you since you will be ultimately responsible for aiding in Planet7's overall success.

Now, everyone wants to know how much they can make, and the good news is that the possibilities here are truly endless. The default way to get paid is through revenue sharing. You'll earn 35% from your first 50 depositors, but once you've referred more than 50, you'll get a 45% commission for life! There are no strings attached, and any negative balance you might have at the end of a month due to chargebacks or winnings are zeroed out at the beginning of the next month. If you think that you can bring in new clients on a regular basis, we also offer a CPA program. Finally, if you're interested in referring new recruits to Ace Revenue, you can earn 5% of their profits, as well!

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