Learn How To Play Pai Gow Poker In Minutes

Pai Gow, a common form of casino poker based on the Chinese domino game of the same name, is a fun and refreshing variation and simple to learn. It uses the basic 52 card deck, with one joker that can be used as an Ace or a wild to complete certain hands. We at Planet 7 Casino proudly offer a quality online version of this game which can be played instantly right in your browser. Keep reading to enjoy this how to play Pai Gow Poker guide from Planet 7 Casino.

To begin, the dealer deals seven cards to each player. With the exception of the dealer, everyone looks at their cards, dividing them into two different hands of two and five cards. The only exception to typical poker rankings in this variation is that A2345 ranks between Ace high and King high straights. Five Aces comprises the highest possible hand and beats a straight flush. The two card hand must be a pair. The players lay their hands face-down, and the dealer forms his or her two hands. The players' cards will be revealed and the results determined by comparing all hands with the dealer's.

If the player wins both of the hands, the dealer must pay out the amount wagered by the player, but if the dealer is the winner the player must relinquish his or her stake. However, if the player wins one hand and the dealer wins the second, this is called a push and no money will change hands. The dealer wins a tie. It is pretty simple to learn how to play Pai Gow poker - if you're ready to start, head over to Planet 7 Casino!

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